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Purchase, Payments, Shipping Information

Purchase, Payments, Shipping Information

The School Pack Offices and Warehouse are open:

Monday – Friday 09:00 – 19:00

Saturdays 10:00 – 15:00

Purchasing from our website is subject to specific rules regarding the purchase, shipping, and return of products, as well as the cancellation of the order. Before proceeding with the purchases, please read the following rules:

Purchasing of Products:

How can I pay for my purchase?

The customer can pay for the purchase of the contents of their basket, either by deposit in the below mentioned bank account of the company or by credit / debit card. 

Please make your payment to our bank account:
Lindsay Nicole Tucker / GR6601713600006360151435996 (Piraeus Bank)
Lindsay Nicole Tucker / GR7801103510000035163006857 (Ethiniki Bank)

Purchased products the small are shipped by personal or third party courier services and have transport costs throughout Greece.

In the case of card purchase, the customer is directed to a secure website through the our website (, to which they then provide their card details. The credit card is charged by the end of the day, on date purchased. Our store will issue a receipt for the purchase of the order, but an invoice can also be issued at the customer’s request. The receipts or invoices of the online store are drawn up in the Greek language.


How do I know my order is successful?

When you place  & complete payment of your order, you will see the following message: YOUR ORDER IS COMPLETED. Please check your email. We will have sent you a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order.

Product shipments:

In which areas of Greece do you send?

We make shipments all over Greece. All shipments are made from Athens

What means of transportation do you use:

  • Our Trucks (for inside Attika area)
  • Third Party Courier

Delivery times:

How long will I have to wait to receive my order?

Clients have the option to choose immediate delivery or scheduled delivery for right before the school year (August 30 – September 4, 2021). For clients that choose immediate delivery, the expected delivery times for individual products are:

  • Attika Region: 1 – 3 days
  • Mainland Greece (outside Attika Region): 2 – 5 days
  • Island Greece: 4 – 7 days under normal conditions

For School Packs that include many more items requiring custom labelling, the expected delivery times are:

  • Attika Region: 5 – 10 days
  • Mainland Greece (outside Attika Region): 10 – 14 days
  • Island Greece: 12 – 16 days under normal conditions

Delivery dates and times:

Delivery days are from Monday to Friday.

Shipping within Attika Region

Products are sent with our privately owned trucks within the Attika Region, whenever possible. In the case of a large volume of orders within a small period of time, we also use third party couriers. Clients will be notified when their order is ready for shipment and the method with which it is being sent and a tracking number if applicable.

For orders outside the Attika Region third party couriers are used and the tracking number and details will be provided once your order is ready for shipment.

The cost of transport depends on the volume, the weight of the products and the distance of transport, with a minimum transport cost of 5 (five) euros. The client will be informed about the shipping costs through the online store.  

All orders are sent to the address indicated to us during the time of the order.  

Orders are sent only during working hours Monday – Friday (not Saturdays).

Product receipt:

Order delay

Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

The product has been delayed from being shipped by our supplier:

– In order to be able to offer you very competitive prices, we order our products from a large range of suppliers, domestic or international. However, there are cases when an order of ours can be “stuck” at the customs or in its transport, as a result of which we do not have it in our warehouses when we calculate. In such a case, we will contact you to ask if you want us to deliver your order without this product or to suggest you an alternative. We will send this item to you immediately upon receipt in our warehouses.

The product you ordered has already been removed and is not available: Among the products we display in our online store there are rare cases where their supplier suddenly and unannounced announces that he is removing them. In this case, an employee of our company will contact you directly to give you all the alternatives.

In periods of extreme weather events or strikes as well as in any case of force majeure, which may affect the transport and delivery of your order.

In case it is impossible to contact you by phone and / or by e-mail (if there is a problem with your order, either in relation to the product or in relation to its payment) because e.g. The information you entered is not properly updated.